Established in 2006, the International Primary Care Association (IPCA) is an international membership-based organisation of doctors, nurses and allied healthcare professionals with special interests, or who are thinking of developing one for career advancement.

Personal Development

IPCA seeks to maintain an educational focus that will allow practitioners to constantly develop and progress, both personally and professionally. With Continuing Professional Development of our members as our core aim, we provide access to unique postgraduate courses accredited by Universities in the United Kingdom and CPD validation courses recognised by the Royal College of General Practitioners. We provide published materials allowing practitioners to stay on the cutting edge of their field, again our core value ensures the constant dissemination of knowledge, resulting in higher standards, and more capable practitioners. Practitioners who wish to gain a special interest are given all the help they will need to do so, from our members and other affiliate organisations who can offer the right courses and qualifications for the right people. In addition, we organise gatherings so that members can meet face-to-face. These events will take the form of conferences where our aims of education and knowledge-sharing will be pushed to the forefront as the most brilliant minds in the healthcare sector give talks and presentations, helping to expand the awareness of our members.


International Network of Healthcare Professionals

We aim to foster links between practitioners, both nationally and internationally. We believe that these relationships enable the sharing of knowledge and experience at the global level. The sharing of such information will lead to better patient care and greater clinical competency for all members.


Voice of General Practitioners in Primary Care

IPCA is an organisation that extends beyond borders, while remaining focused on local issues as well as national ones. With practitioners from all corners of the world, we use our numerical strength to provide a coherent voice for general practitioners by engaging in relevant discussions and debates, and influencing policy through lobbying and campaigning.

By furthering our aims and supporting our members, IPCA remains to be a vital tool, a rewarding experience and a career enhancing asset for all general practitioners.

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